Friday, January 6, 2017

The Resistance From Tweets To The Streets

National Resistance Alliance Network 

With No Ground Game, The Resistance Stays Online; We Cannot Afford That Chance

As a member of 2 million and growing #Resistance, I feel like this is a short period to get something incredible done

 Other people are doing just that. Anti-Trump activists have set up permanent protest location in DC, they are calling themselves District 13.(Yes The Hunger Games District 13.)

They are millennial’s and Bernie people, and they are going to be putting in the footwork of trying to protest as much as they can when it is going to be a challenge with Mr. "Law and Order" as the commander and chief, I am sure we can see protests get ugly. 
What I am proposing is the same, a home base to fight Donald Trump and the GOP for everything they are doing. On the ground in Washington DC. Using different tactics It's not hard to come up with thousands of things that the Democratic party needs to work on to get it together. 

  • The ACA, Save Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, VA Benefits, Planned Parenthood,  No Repeal, No Privatization.
  • Keep an eye on those trying to get rid of  SNAP, TANF, Free Lunches

  • Voting rights, Election Fraud, Gerrymandering Gathering the research from Greg Palast, Black Box Voting, and different reports from all over the count and putting together a campaign to eliminate interstate crosscheck. It's important that we preserve and protect the voting rights we have left and it's important to fight the war on minorities at the voting booth.

  • Building coalitions in every state to raise their voice when a government pushes back against the voters.

  • Fight against deregulating wall street

  • Oppose any changes that would intermesh Public Schools with Religious Schools. 

  • Fighting Voucher programs, any cutting in free meals

  • Midterms GOTV

  • Finding and helping More Women, and POC Candidates but also a HUGE push for progressive democrats everywhere to run for office be it the education board or the City Council. We need more Mayors, State Reps, AG’s, Governor’s, Lt. Governor’s, and of course federal. Let’s get some super majorities in states other than California.
  • Taking Back Control of State Parties Will be a Key to Success.
  • Time to get the psychopaths out of office, those who call themselves Republicans.  That does entail keeping a list (Paul Ryan I'm coming for you) and checking it twice. 
  • Environmental Justice, there is not an inch we can give on climate change
  • Ethics should not be a four-letter word. They are supposed to be representative of their constituents; Congress is not.-
  • Trump must be stopped at everything he tries. All that he does needs to be exposed
  • Popular Vote movement Interstate Compact
  • Using the playbook that  Hillary provided as far as policy and make some roadmaps. 

How Can You Help?
Glad You asked, here is what is needed to work on the problems above. 

  • WE NEED A LAWYER for advice and paperwork help. 
  • WE need four dedicated, political, Democrats who can commit to this work in Washington DC Until Midterms. 
  • Most importantly we need to raise money. 
  • Rent Alone Looking at the housing market to have a house in DC large enough to accomplish housing activists and full timers is going to cost $60,000
  • Operation Costs STILL To Be Continued

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to NRAN

Welcome To the National Resistance Alliance Network (NRAN)

Otherwise Known as #TheResistance

I literally just bought this thing and yes, I am going to use blogger for it because google has some more impressive features... more  specifically.. Youtube.

And I haven't seemed to be getting a lot of people contacting me about a formal resistance...
This needs to happen too much. To just let it go to waste, while we are in the midst of something tragic, and horrible and something we won't know the entire damage done for a long time. I want to be someone who goes down fighting.

I hope that is you too! Keep Checking back as I will relate links and stuff if you would like to be involved.

first two things I ask:
1. I need 4 people to search their souls and see if they can give up all of their time until midterms to try this experiment out and move to Washington DC. I am not asking for anything I am not giving myself

2. I need a lawyer for this. Setting up the legal stuff is crappy.

I will link my medium posts about  this and you can always follow me on twitter at