Thursday, January 5, 2017

Welcome to NRAN

Welcome To the National Resistance Alliance Network (NRAN)

Otherwise Known as #TheResistance

I literally just bought this thing and yes, I am going to use blogger for it because google has some more impressive features... more  specifically.. Youtube.

And I haven't seemed to be getting a lot of people contacting me about a formal resistance...
This needs to happen too much. To just let it go to waste, while we are in the midst of something tragic, and horrible and something we won't know the entire damage done for a long time. I want to be someone who goes down fighting.

I hope that is you too! Keep Checking back as I will relate links and stuff if you would like to be involved.

first two things I ask:
1. I need 4 people to search their souls and see if they can give up all of their time until midterms to try this experiment out and move to Washington DC. I am not asking for anything I am not giving myself

2. I need a lawyer for this. Setting up the legal stuff is crappy.

I will link my medium posts about  this and you can always follow me on twitter at

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